I teach piano to all persons interested. I prefer to teach to children older than five, but I normally do a free trial lesson to see if the student is ready. There are other teachers that work with younger kids, and I think that for very young children it is better to either introduce them to music through a group lesson, or some times, if they have an older brother or sister that is already learning piano, they can have 15 minutes or so, together with the sibling or the parent, or alone. For more about what is a good age to start, go to my Facebook page.

For adults, there is no limit of age. I used to have a lot of retired people that started piano with no previous experience because it was good for their brain, they said. I think you can never be too old to start learning something you like, no reasons needed.

For inquiries about lessons you can email me at piano.maria@hotmail.com or call +31-(0)644052985. Right now, I am teaching at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag, at the student’s home if it is close by, and at my home in Scheveningen.

I am also starting to teach lessons at Het Cuveehuis, Prins Mauritslaan 49, in the Statenkwartier. Please contact me for days, times and prices.

NEW! Lessons via Skype too! It doesn’t matter where you live, if you have Skype on your computer and a camera, we can have a lesson. Also, FIRST LESSON FREE! Contact me for more info.